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  • 04.10.09 Photos from USA, 2009.
  • 12.04.09 Photos from my Trip to England, 2009.
  • 28.01.09 Some new collections and new features were added. ;-)
  • 19.10.08 Trees and Water collections were updated.
  • 29.09.08 Photos from my trip to Neatherlands, 2008.
  • 11.09.08 Photos from Sazava, 2008.
  • 05.09.08 New pictures were added into Water collection.
  • 20.07.08 Photos from the Alps - The Dolomites, 2008.
  • 25.05.08 Photos from my Trip to Wales, 2008.
  • 12.04.08 Photos from Rally Šumava, RZ Plzeň, Štruncovy Sady, 2008.
  • 27.03.08 All preview images were updated.
  • 17.02.08 Photos from 2003 to 2006 are now all complete and available.
  • 03.02.08 Animal collections were added to the gallery.
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